Week 3: Day 1

Feb. 2, 2015

Today I started my third week of eating healthy and working out three days a week, and right now I am feeling pretty good. I think this is the longest I have ever truly stuck with a plan like this, which is promising in itself. I am also pumped about the meals I have planned his week, which I think is helping.


eggs and cheese

What is more classic than eggs for breakfast? In my mind, I don’t think anything. I can eat eggs for any meal, and I do it frequently. This morning I had two eggs with some colby jack cheese and ketchup. I also don’t think I ever eat eggs without ketchup. Solid start to the day.


Day 3 of sausage lentil soup. Still going strong.



Great meal! This was an exciting one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonight’s recipe was crock pot gyros; so easy and so tasty.  I used store bough tzatziki and instead of just topping with tomatoes  I also had some scallions and some lettuce. It was very fresh, but also filling. To go along with it I just had some raw carrots and broccoli. This is definitely I recipe I will be saving and making again.


Week 2: Days 4,5

Jan. 28 & 29, 2015

I have officially hit the wall, and boy did I hit it. The past two days did not agree with me in the slightest: I was too hungry, I didn’t want to eat healthy, my food didn’t come out the way I wanted and I didn’t have enough time to actually cook. I have been grumpy and cranky as a result of poor sleep, which has not resulted in a happy Taylor.

Nothing I have cooked the past two days has been especially remarkable or satisfying. Yesterday for breakfast I tried this peanut butter smoothie. But, I didn’t freeze my bananas the night before, so I ended up with a banana mush drink instead of a smoothie. It was still tasty, but not exactly the start to my morning I was looking for. I think that probably set me off into my downward spiral.

I think I may have jumped into this eating routine a little too strong, because before this vegetables were not a frequent in my life, and I was definitely heavy on the carbs. I am missing flavor and the feeling of being satisfied after a meal. Somehow I need to find some really good recipes to replace what I used to enjoy so much.

However, I think what has surprised me the most is I haven’t really wanted any white bread. Before I started this I probably had at least a slice a day, and I can proudly say I haven’t had any in two weeks. Small wins!

I am so thankful it is almost the weekend because my cheat day is coming up, and I sure could use it. I think it will mostly be moved to Sunday — I would like to partake in Super Bowl food regardless if I watch the game.

Moving forward I am going to put these days behind me and hopefully find some inspiration in how far I have come. I know the road ahead of me isn’t going to be the easiest, but I am still in it for the long hall. Constantly looking at inspirational quotes may also may not be a bad idea in the coming days.

Tomorrow there will be food.