Week 12: Days 3,4,5 and 7

I had quite the array of meals this week. Some super planned and some with stuff I just happened to have lying around. Overall good choices, one not my proudest. However, I did make it through a week without going grocery shopping, so that is impressive. I managed, and it wasn’t completely terrible.

Day 3


Under that heaping piece of cheese is some sautéed onions and a turkey burger. Nothing too fancy or special, but tasty nonetheless. I went bun-less to keep my carbs down and accompanied it with a salad.

Day 4


Big surprise I made something buffalo sauce related. I had leftover egg roll wrappers that I wanted to use, so what better way to use them than with some chicken and some buffalo sauce. I mixed up some cooked chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing and plopped them in the wrapper. Baked for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees flipping halfway through.

Day 5


Yes, that is some ziti. I was really scrambling to try and come up with something to eat with my sausage and I couldn’t come up with any other options. However, the sausage and spinach definitely overpowered the amount of ziti. First time I have cooked pasta for myself since starting this, so not too bad.

Day 7


This was by far the meal of the week. I made a black bean burger with chipotle mayo and it was da bomb. Following this recipe, the burgers had green onions, garlic, onions, some seasoning and black beans. I was a little scared at first, but I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first bite. So flavorful and they were very easy to make. The chipotle mayo was definitely the perfect addition. It kept the burger nice and moist.


Week 6: Days 5-7

Feb. 26-28, 2015

It has been quite some time, but I am still trucking along. I went to Albany last Thursday for a family thing, so my schedule has been a bit off, which has included my eating. Day 5 I was still completely on track. Eggs for breakfast, a wrap for lunch and a turkey pita sandwich for dinner. Not the most creative day, but I was definitely on track.

The bumps in the road come on Friday and Saturday. According to my plan Friday should have been a healthy day, but it definitely wasn’t. Combine staying in a hotel, spending 10 hours in an arena and eating out and you get one unhealthy day of eating. For breakfast I had barely half a waffle it tasted so bad; not the worst way to start the day. But for lunch I had fries and chicken fingers. Oh so tasty, but definitely not healthy. Then for dinner I had a buffalo chicken sandwich, but only ate half because I was full. I could have just moved my cheat day to Friday, but then Saturday happened.

Saturday morning I had my first bagel in six months. I was not about to do another hotel breakfast, thus I ended up at Brueggers. I could have been a lot worse though. I could have had a cinnamon sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese (my favorite), but instead I had a skinny onion bagel with turkey sausage, egg whites and a sun dried tomato spread. Not the worst, but not the best. The worst comes in at lunch, a shamrock shake. I justified it by being in the car and it wasn’t even a full meal. I caved; not my strongest moment. And to top it off I had a sub for dinner. Meat not bad, veggies not bad, but bread was not the best choice.

Moral of the story, going out of town makes eating healthy much harder than it needs to be. Between bad hotels and being on the road, my will power was gone. However, I need to keep reminding myself that a couple bad days isn’t the end of the road. I got right back on the horse today and stuck with my meal plans. I think weekends like that are going to happen, but the key is going to be how I recover from them and not allow myself to slip back into my old habits.

Week 2: Day 7

Jan. 31, 2015

Normally saturdays are my cheat day, but because of the Super Bowl I decided to push it back a day. I actually felt good about my eating today, so maybe I am on an upward turn.


I had two ham cups (same ones from earlier in the week). I added some salt and pepper and more scallions than before and they turned out even better! I would highly recommend them; super easy and super tasty.


chunk chicken wrap

After going to the gym I was starving and wanted something that was really satisfying. I made this wrap (pictured pre-wrap), and it was probably one of the best lunches I have made since I started this journey. In it was canned chicken breast (like tuna) with mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, colby jack cheese and a couple crushed up croutons. It was so fresh and light, but filled me up nicely. I love adding croutons to my wraps for a little bit of a crunch.


lentil soup

Dinner was also an excellent meal. I love making soups and chilis that will last me the entire week, which is what I did. I made this lentil and smoke sausage soup. Mine didn’t look quite as pretty as their’s, but it sure was delicious. It’s a nice hearty soup with a lot of yummy flavors, and it filled me up. The only thing I didn’t include in in my version was the lemon juice, but I definitely didn’t miss it. This recipe made a TON. I probably will be eating it every day this week. I think this is the first time I have every cooked lentils, and it definitely won’t be the last. They have have a similar consistency to beans, and are full of protein.