So apparently when I fall off the wagon I fall pretty hard. First it was a week of no blogging, and then it was a week of no blogging and not eating very healthy. Definitely not my proudest moment, but I think I am in a good place to start back up and stay on track. Before that I’ll give a little rundown of what exactly happened during the past two weeks.

Week 7

This was a good week! I followed my meal plans, ate what I was supposed to and worked out. I just didn’t write anything about it. I even took pictures with the intention of blogging. Oops. I am going to blame it on pre-spring break excitement and stress.

Week 8

This is where all hell broke loose. I went home, which means I don’t have control of everything I am eating. It wasn’t all bad. I had some cauliflower and chicken. But I also had breakfast sandwiches (bread) and pasta (eek). And then I got sick, so I had a few days of not much eating, which probably helped. But then I went to Boston. I think it is just impossible to stick to any diet when I am away. How do I not eat a big bowl of clam chowder in a bread bowl? I don’t. I eat that, and a lobster roll and a wood fired pizza. I got a lot of bad stuff out of my system, so hopefully I will be good for a while.

I am off to a good start today, and worked out, so things are looking up. Here’s to heading in to month 3 with some hope.


Week 6: Days 5-7

Feb. 26-28, 2015

It has been quite some time, but I am still trucking along. I went to Albany last Thursday for a family thing, so my schedule has been a bit off, which has included my eating. Day 5 I was still completely on track. Eggs for breakfast, a wrap for lunch and a turkey pita sandwich for dinner. Not the most creative day, but I was definitely on track.

The bumps in the road come on Friday and Saturday. According to my plan Friday should have been a healthy day, but it definitely wasn’t. Combine staying in a hotel, spending 10 hours in an arena and eating out and you get one unhealthy day of eating. For breakfast I had barely half a waffle it tasted so bad; not the worst way to start the day. But for lunch I had fries and chicken fingers. Oh so tasty, but definitely not healthy. Then for dinner I had a buffalo chicken sandwich, but only ate half because I was full. I could have just moved my cheat day to Friday, but then Saturday happened.

Saturday morning I had my first bagel in six months. I was not about to do another hotel breakfast, thus I ended up at Brueggers. I could have been a lot worse though. I could have had a cinnamon sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese (my favorite), but instead I had a skinny onion bagel with turkey sausage, egg whites and a sun dried tomato spread. Not the worst, but not the best. The worst comes in at lunch, a shamrock shake. I justified it by being in the car and it wasn’t even a full meal. I caved; not my strongest moment. And to top it off I had a sub for dinner. Meat not bad, veggies not bad, but bread was not the best choice.

Moral of the story, going out of town makes eating healthy much harder than it needs to be. Between bad hotels and being on the road, my will power was gone. However, I need to keep reminding myself that a couple bad days isn’t the end of the road. I got right back on the horse today and stuck with my meal plans. I think weekends like that are going to happen, but the key is going to be how I recover from them and not allow myself to slip back into my old habits.

Week 6: Day 1, 2

Feb. 22-23, 2015

I am so busy. So busy and writing things for classes, and in turn blogging has gotten away from me. Thankfully, my healthy eating habits have stuck with me despite being busy. I am happy to report that I am down another 2 pounds! This is by far the lowest I have been in three years and it feels good. Like really good. I even ran today. On a treadmill. I am physically able to run and not feel like I want to die, so it appears like my new habits are paying off.


Two days of easy breakfasts, eggs and yogurt. I have been trying to cut back a little on my egg consumption because I was eating them every day there for a while. However, two of my most common breakfasts served me well the past two days.


Yesterday was leftover dinner from Saturday, so nothing to report. But today I made a turkey pita with some mayo and lettuce. I am getting a little tired of the same chicken and tuna routine, so I decided to switch it up a bit today. I also bought more of my favorite organic salsa from Wegmans, so that was a nice treat.


IMG_1973          IMG_1975

Definitely my stand out meals. Both healthy, both tasty and both easy. Yesterday I made a beef stir fry with peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and a garlic sesame sauce. I will definitely be making this more often. And today I made broccoli stuffed chicken with some pepper jack cheese and a salad. I am really starting to find healthy food that I feel good about eating and actually enjoying eating. Win-win. I guess all it takes is a little bit of time and patience.

Week 4: Day 5

Feb. 12, 2015

Today was a tough one. I don’t know if it is the weather or the impending hell I know this weekend will be, but I am in need of some inspiring motivation. I did find this water bottle and this water bottle and have decided to buy one. Very cute, and I know I need to be drinking more water throughout the day, so I hope it helps.


broc om

Another broccoli omelette. This time with colby jack instead of pepper jack cheese; so exciting. I think I should go back to making my breakfasts ahead of time. It seemed to work better, and I definitely enjoyed them more. The key is finding breakfast recipes I like and are healthy. Any suggestions are welcomed!


I hit up that leftover egg and olive (egg salad) from yesterday. It hit the spot again.


buf ques after

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I am a big fan of buffalo, so this is one of my go-to dinners. I made a buffalo chicken quesadilla for dinner and it was spot on. The picture doesn’t do it justice.You can find the recipe here. It is my three favorite things: easy, quick and tasty.

Week 3: Day 1

Feb. 2, 2015

Today I started my third week of eating healthy and working out three days a week, and right now I am feeling pretty good. I think this is the longest I have ever truly stuck with a plan like this, which is promising in itself. I am also pumped about the meals I have planned his week, which I think is helping.


eggs and cheese

What is more classic than eggs for breakfast? In my mind, I don’t think anything. I can eat eggs for any meal, and I do it frequently. This morning I had two eggs with some colby jack cheese and ketchup. I also don’t think I ever eat eggs without ketchup. Solid start to the day.


Day 3 of sausage lentil soup. Still going strong.



Great meal! This was an exciting one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonight’s recipe was crock pot gyros; so easy and so tasty.  I used store bough tzatziki and instead of just topping with tomatoes  I also had some scallions and some lettuce. It was very fresh, but also filling. To go along with it I just had some raw carrots and broccoli. This is definitely I recipe I will be saving and making again.