Best Brooklyn Eats (So far) Part 1

I have officially spent three months living in Brooklyn (not in student housing) in my own apartment, making my way. While I still haven’t found a journalism job, I have been working a lot at the restaurant. I am fortunate enough that they offer a “family meal” before every shift, but that has mean my cooking has dropped to a very low level.

However, my love for food has not stopped me from trying new food, even if I’m not the one doing the cooking. When most people think of New York City restaurants, they think of Manhattan, but surprisingly I have spent minimal time in the concrete jungle. Living and working Brooklyn has given me the opportunity explore Brooklyn’s culinary joys.

I am going to do a round-up of some of my favorite spots so far, starting with breakfast.


Brooklyn Roasting Company 


Cinnamon sugar donut featuring an iced latte

I have become quite the coffee lover — give me a latte any day — and Brooklyn Roasting Company has given me everything I can dream of in a coffee shop. It’s right on the water in DUMBO, which is also a nice perk. They also have Dough donuts, the fluffiest, biggest, tastiest donuts I have ever had.

The Bagel Pub


BEC on an everything bagel

It wouldn’t be breakfast in NYC without a bagel spot. Finding this bagel spot was one of the best (and worst) things I did because it is less than a block from my grocery store. It makes for the perfect pit stop before Sunday shopping. These bagels are LARGE, and oh so tasty. They have the perfect combo of softness and chewiness, and they hold up great to a mound of bacon, egg and cheese. Bonus perk: they have stellar iced coffee!


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