Normally a week-long hiatus might be cause for alarm, but this one was for good reason — I have found employment! Not a career in my field (still working on that one), but a part-time job to keep me busy and bring in some money while I am still looking. I trained for four days straight and then worked my first two shifts, so I have been more than busy and exhausted.

While the job may not be journalism, it is in a restaurant, so I can’t complain too much. And this isn’t your average restaurant — it is a new Korean BBQ restaurant in Brooklyn. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I accepted the job, but I have been exposed to a whole new part of the culinary world. The food has so much flavor and spice, and the different combinations blow my mind.

And the topper on the cake is while I am only a back waiter/busser, I get to cook food. Part of the Korean BBQ experience is grilling your meat right on the table, and I am one of the people that gets to help the customers do it! As you know I am all about cooking, so I guess now I can say I have some professional cooking experience … I think.

While I still don’t want to make working in a restaurant my long term career, I am happy that I get to do something that I enjoy and have a passion for while I am still looking. I never thought I would eat as much fermented cabbage —kimchi — in my life as I have in the past week.

Also props to my employer for paying a living wage and eliminating the need for tips! Working below minimum wage and having to rely on the busyness of the restaurant is no way to live.

Maybe I will be experimenting with some Korean flavors in the future…


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