Garlicky & Cheesy Carrots and Cauliflower Tots Review

A question I will never stop asking myself: why is meat so darn expensive? I grew up eating eat, I am accustomed to meat being a part of my meal and I like meat. We all know meat isn’t always the most healthy option, but I don’t think I would be able to cut it out of my diet completely. The cost however, does make me think twice about eating it and trying to find some alternative options.

Some days I try harder than others to make my life meatless, and when I do I generally try a new recipe. I am rather picky when it comes to veggies so I need something that isn’t too out there with foods that I am familiar with. Cue the cauliflower — super versatile, relatively flavorless and something I can stomach. I decided to go with this recipe for Garlicky & Cheesy Carrots and Cauliflower Tots. The results were less than stellar, mostly because of my own doing.


As you can seem from my picture, I have some pretty big carrot chunks. The joys have not having a food processor. This recipe calls for one, I don’t have one, so I thought I would be able to smoosh the veggies enough to make it work. Unfortunately, the carrots weren’t soft enough after boiling them, and I ended up with this. I also wasn’t super impressed with the flavor profile, something was missing.

Next time I recipe calls for food processing I might think twice before trying it, instead of relying on the power of my hands.


Exercise for Me

Working out has never been a time of enjoyment for me. Despite growing up playing sports my entire life, I never enjoyed the necessary workouts out of practice time. Give me a purpose to run — like running after a ball or catching up to the other team — but telling me to just go out an run was not an option. I couldn’t find the motivation or enjoyment, and envied my brother’s for being able to run for days without breaking a sweat or showing any sign of exhaustion.

The older I got the more I forced myself to put in the extra time in the off season, which eventually earned me a spot on my varsity lacrosse team for three years. Then college started and there was no longer a reason for me to workout or forced practices where I was guaranteed to get some running in. I never considered myself super fit growing up, but I also wouldn’t have considered myself out of shape either — college changed that.

During my first two years of school I made the occasional trip to the gym, but I rarely ventured far from the elliptical. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be doing, and I didn’t take the time to educate myself. Two and a half years of meal plans later, and the ever dreaded “Freshman 15” was a reality.

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Come follow along!

I wasn’t lying when I said I was back, and I have been putting in some work in terms of my vision for this blog, creating a community and reaching a larger audience. You can expect more posts on a variety of topics (not necessarily food), better pictures and more ways to connect.

To do this I have set up a new Twitter and Instagram, where you can stay up to date on all my latest food loves and see what I have in store for the blog. Make sure you follow the blog so you don’t miss a post, and see what I am doing over on Twitter and Instagram — who knows what crazy food shenanigans I am going to get into …

Pizza Waffles Review

As a proud new owner of a waffle iron, I have been trying to find all sorts of recipes that I can try out that don’t actually involve making a waffle. While, I have definitely made my fair share of waffles so far, it was time for some experimenting. So I decided to try out this recipe from Spend with Pennies for pizza waffles.

They started out by looking like this …


… definitely not the most appetizing think I have ever seen. But then came out nice and golden brown.


I did have a little cheese leakage, but it was to be expected. I also don’t think I put enough ingredients in, but my dough didn’t seem strong enough to hold anything else. I stuffed mine with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and some sautéed sweet mini peppers. A great combo, just not enough. If I do decided to make them again I might try biscuit dough instead of crescent roll dough. Should be able to hold more of the good stuff.

What is your favorite way to use your waffle iron besides the typical breakfast waffle?

Veggie Veggie Chili Recipe

It is not secret that I love a good crock pot recipe, so this past weekend I decide do experiment with a veggie chili. I am a big meat fan — my go-to chili normally includes ground beef AND Italian sausage, but my boyfriend tends to stray away from red meat whenever possible. I am not opposed to a meatless meal, so I went ahead with making a meatless chili, and it ended up working out.

The biggest change I made compared to other veggie chilis I have seen was using sweet mini peppers instead of bell peppers. I’m not a huge bell pepper fan, but for some reason I can’t get enough of the sweet mini peppers. They definitely added a new dimension of sweetness and flavor to the chili.

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Food Woes

So in theory, not have a job means I would have all the time in the world to try out new recipes and really amp up this blog? Right. However, that doesn’t take into consideration the cost of all those fun recipes with all of the expensive food. I had all of the intentions of amping up this blog, but my grocery budget has not allowed for it like I planned.

Instead of new recipes and fun cooking times, I have been sticking to my staples: potstickers, grilled chicken, tilapia and the occasional quesadilla. I can only share things about the same recipes so many times.

Being at home most day everyday has also brought me to another aspect of this post-college life — food is around me to eat all the time. The whole reason this blog was started was because of my bad relationship with food. I didn’t really think about what I was eating, I didn’t think twice about having some fries and a burger, or dessert, and the inclusion of fruits and veggies was minimal. I feel like I am starting to veer down a not so great path, which is not where I want to head, but it’s hard for me to resist a good french fry (potatoes are cheap).

Food has also been there as a comfort in this time of nothingness. I would definitely qualify myself as a stress eater and an emotional eater, so my spoon has found its way into the ice cream more times than it should have. I know its not bad to indulge every once in a while (I couldn’t go without my cheat day way back when), but I have probably been indulging more than I should be.

I think the only saving grace in during this my experience has been finding Blogilates. Cassey Ho is a pilates instructor who does Youtube workouts and creates calendars to follow. I have been follow the beginners calendar, while not perfectly, it has given me some consistency and a way to work out without spending money on a gym membership. I have also gone for a few runs in my new park because NYC doesn’t know what winter is this year.

This weekend I should be trying out a new recipe, but in the meantime I plan on sharing a little bit more of my experience with Blogilates — still about being healthy! For anyone else who may be falling off the wagon: you aren’t alone, and it happens, but we gotta remember how good it feels when we stay on and see the results we want — mental, emotional and physical!