Easy Chicken Paprikash

So I don’t know about all of you, but for the past few months my newsfeed has increasingly become more full of delicious looking food videos, mostly from Tasty. Whether it be dips or desserts, I can’t go on Facebook without my mouth watering. Today I finally decided to give one of those recipes a go. And it came out delectable!

I followed the recipe exactly, except I used smoked paprika instead of sweet because the store didn’t have sweet. The heat from the paprika and chili flakes were just enough to be noticeable, but not overwhelming where I needed a drink after every bit.

And it was actually as easy to make as the video makes it seem. Chop, stir, simmer, stir some more and serve. We decided to have it over rice instead of pasta, and after one bowl we were full.


It was me and my boyfriend for dinner, and I am guessing we will get at least two more meals out of what we have left —four more servings for a total of six. Easy recipe, minimal ingredients and inexpensive — definitely a keeper.

Tasty earned one win in my book, and I will definitely be trying another recipe out soon.

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