Research Day is Never a Bad Day

In between applying for jobs and unpacking my new apartment I have spent a considerable amount of time researching new recipes that I want to tryout and feature on the blog. I am always amazed that somehow one click on Pinterest ends up leading to hours of drooling over mouth watering pictures of food that I can only dream of making — I have to eat healthy at least some of the time, right?

Fortunately or unfortunately, NYC has been hit with a cold spell, which has put me in the perfect mood for a steaming bowl of soup. I am a sucker for a one pot meal or a slow cooker meal, and soup fits perfectly in that category.

I don’t think I have ever come across a recipe from Damn Delicious that I haven’t wanted to make, and this chili mac and cheese is no different. While this may not be on the right end of the healthy spectrum, I think this recipe is going to be first in line for next week’s meal plan (if I can wait that long).

Here are some other recipes that I plan on whipping up sometime soon:

Let me know if there are any new recipes you have come across that  you think I should try!

Also, if you would like to check out other recipes I have stored away for future use, you can follow me on Pinterest here!


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